Wearing uniforms enhances the student's school pride, their sense of unity and therefore all around school spirit!

Some of our reasons for adopting a uniform dress code are as follows:

  1. Uniforms result in stronger discipline and better academics.
  2. Uniforms help improve a student’s self-image.
  3. Uniforms eliminate the daily decision of what to wear.
  4. .... Improves attendance!
  5. Uniforms diminish economic and social barriers between students.
  6. Uniforms help identify intruders in the school and on the playground.
  7. Uniforms give organizational identification, which helps build school spirit.
  8. Uniforms increase a sense of belonging and school pride.
  9. School uniforms can save parents money, therefore reducing your yearly clothing costs.


Simplicity, appropriateness, modesty and cleanliness describe the acceptable standards in dress. All students enrolled in our school are required to own the following uniform pieces.

  • Uniform plain polo shirts, either short or long sleeved in all three colors white, blood red, and navy blue.
  • Boys – You must own one bottom piece in each color - navy and khaki. Your options are, uniform designated pants or shorts.
  • Girls – You must own one bottom piece in each color - navy and khaki. Your options are, uniform designated pants, shorts, jumper, skirt or skort.

Items that are recommended and encouraged to be worn along with the school uniform, but you are not required to own, are the following.

  • Uniform collared plain white dress shirt in either short or long sleeve. Girls may wear a white uniform dress shirt or blouse with a peter pan collar.
  • Uniform plain cardigans, sweaters or sweater vests in solid blood red or navy blue.
  • Girls may wear a uniform jumper, skirt or skort in our schools plaid - which is a navy blue/red plaid called "Hamilton Plaid" (available at the Dennis Uniform Store in Spokane, www.frenchtoast.com and Land's End).
  • Uniform plain fleece jackets in either blood red or navy blue.
  • Boys – Tie or clip on in navy blue. Girls – Tie crossover in navy blue.

** Plain is designated as no distinguishable labels, logos, or decorative distinctions.

Foot Wear: Socks must be worn with shoes at all times. Plain white or navy blue socks, knee highs or tights are acceptable. Simple boots, shoes or tennis shoes that complement our school uniform are acceptable. Flip flops or open toed shoes are not acceptable for school wear.

Outerwear: Students can wear their own outerwear of choice on the playground or at recess. Coats and non-uniform pieces are not to be worn in class.

Girls: Tumbling shorts in plain white and navy blue are required under the girls jumpers and skirts, but must not be visible below the hemline. All girls hemlines for jumpers, skirts, skorts, and shorts are to be no shorter then 3" above the knee.

All clothing must be in good repair at all times (no holes, tears or frayed edges). Cargo, carpenter, drawstring, active work out or sweat pants are not acceptable pants. Decals, logos, pictures or emblems on the fronts of any of the shirts, polos, cardigans, sweaters or vests are not allowed at any time.

There are some limited exceptions to the school uniform policy including pre-determined “wear your own clothes” days such as School Spirit Week. NEW this year is jeans/SVAS Logo shirt Fridays, with the last Friday of the month being "free" dress day, unless a field trip is planned that day.  Modesty and good judgment are always required and students choosing not to participate in planned events are required to wear the assigned school uniform.

**As it is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child is following the uniform policy, we ask that you double check and make certain that your child is appropriately attired before you leave from home.



Where to Buy

We want to share some helpful stores & websites that all have a designated "Uniform Section" in their stores and on their websites.